Jellyfishers and Man-O-Wars

It often happens that I draw life inspiration from the movies, but not in the way you’d think. Sometimes scenes stick with me and I find parallels in my own experiences. For instance, the term “jellyfisher.” In the movie Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, there’s a scene in which Bridget encounters a snotty mega bitch who inserts unexpected stinging remarks into an otherwise normal conversation.

Bridget Jones Jellyfisher Alert clip

You never see the comment coming. It’s usually something superficial; it’s probably going to be something about your appearance or a comment comparing you to someone else. It’s never outright; it’s disguised cleverly so that you feel the burn later.

What about people that don’t jellyfish? What about Man-O-Wars (I don’t know if that’s a coined phrase but I like it, so I’m using it)? What about those people who, no matter what you do, never have anything nice to say about you? They pick out your flaws and make sure you know exactly what you need to work on and it’s never disguised with anything remotely close to tact. Here’s the kicker….they shit all over you, make you feel inadequate, and then expect you to bend over backwards with praise and adoration about their achievements, efforts, and life. They expect you to listen to everything they could possibly have to say EVER, but say you’re being dramatic when you need to talk about your own life. Hmmm. Something’s wrong with this picture. Who would honestly try to tear someone else down just to build themself up? MAN-O-WAR.

Jellyfish stings I can ignore. Usually “jellyfishers” are just insecure people who are trying to make themselves feel better about their own life. A Man-O-War, though? I have yet to heal from some unexpected M-O-W attacks. They’re brutal, and they stay with you long after the fact. What can be done about Man-O-Wars? I don’t know. I can’t fathom purposely hurting another person with my words and not feeling apologetic later. Of course I’ve said ugly things to other people, but I ALWAYS regret it, and I always apologize. To a Man-O-War, it was your fault in the first place, so you don’t deserve an apology. In short, Man-O-Wars are dicks who don’t really see the error of their ways; they’ll continue swimming along while stinging everyone in their path, expecting glorious attention because of their beautiful everything.

My best advice is to just steer clear of the Man-O-Wars, though I know it’s difficult. They’re everywhere; those stupid tentacles are ready to painfully bitch slap anyone within a close radius.

If you do get viciously attacked by a Man-O-War, please know it really isn’t you. Do what it takes to heal and move on. Don’t dwell on their negativity; find something positive about yourself and concentrate on that instead. Your opinion about yourself matters way more than anyone else’s opinion ever could.

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