I’m always joking that I’m working on myself so that I can have the perfect “trophy wife” body: the kind of body that men drool over and are happy to put on display as much as possible.

It’s a joke. Not the part about wanting the perfect body. The part about it being a “trophy wife” body. You see, a “trophy wife” is the perfect physical specimen that a man puts on display, but in private, he hardly notices her because he’s off having sex with his secretary. That’s a generalization, but you get where I’m going with this, hopefully.

I don’t want to be a trophy wife, but I do want to be a GOOD wife.

I want to be a good woman that makes mistakes, but is loved and honored in spite of my failings. He shows me his love through his actions.

I will never have the perfect body, but I want the kind of husband that respects that I TRY….and maybe he’ll go for a run with me sometimes, because he likes the fact that I want to be healthy. He will love the fact that I will NEVER, EVER, cook kale at our home.

I want to be the kind of wife that supports my husband, and even when he’s being a douchebag he’ll listen to me because I have logical opinions that matter to him as much as his opinions and views matter to me.

I want him to be proud of me, but not stifle me. I don’t want to be on display OR hidden away; I just want to be comfortable to be my exact self in the relationship.

I want to laugh together until my sides hurt and tease each other when we’ve done something stupid.

I want to make him nachos and make sure he has beer on game day, and yell at the television together when his team isn’t doing well. He can rub my back or pour me another whiskey while my team is stressing me out.

I want to have space to do my own thing occasionally, even if it’s just mentally. Maybe we’re snuggled on the couch together and I’m reading while he’s watching television. We’re connected, but we don’t always have to talk.

We don’t always agree, and in fact, sometimes we fight. I mean, we’re two different people with different sets of experiences. We NEVER give up on each other. We just grow through it. We’re a team.

I am single, and I’ll stay that way until this man falls in love with me.


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