Ever look into your past and wonder “what was I thinking?”

I think it’s natural to look back and ponder how a situation could’ve been improved or avoided. When we look back, knowing what we know now, we approach the situation in a completely different way. Time has given us a different lens. For some of us it’s regret, defeat, shame, or on the opposite end of the spectrum: vindication, forgiveness, and even relief.

They say hindsight is 20/20–and I’d agree with that. Would any of us have any choices we look back on with regret if we’d had a modicum of information on the consequences? On the repercussions of our actions? Probably not. If you could’ve predicted what life would’ve been like in your marriage prior to saying your vows would you still feel the same? Maybe you would; maybe you wouldn’t. If you knew your life wasn’t going to be a long one, would you still treat people the same way you do now? If you could know ahead of time, everything would be different. We just can’t know. We can’t predict. The only way out is through.

My point is this. While hindsight affords us a different view point, it is our current situation that gives us the most to appreciate. We win some and we definitely lose some. Every time we fail, we get a chance to learn from the situation and improve upon it. There is beauty in failure. If we spend all of our time looking back, imagining different outcomes, are we really living our best life?

I think I’m finished with looking behind me now; most of the things left behind are regrets and mistakes. I choose to look forward and live hopefully.

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